9 Great Tips for Capturing Dramatic Images of the Sea

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Part of being able to capture amazing images, starts by being prepared with the right gear. While you won’t need much to get you started, it’s especially important to have some UV filters, if you’re planning to photograph on the beach, to help protect your lenses from the elements. Another great tool is a neutral density (ND) filter, or, better yet, a few different strengths of neutral density filters. These are especially helpful for situations where the foreground and sky require different exposures.

You’ll also want to bring a polarizer, if you have one, to help cut down on glare, and to darken the blues in the sky and water. Also, consider bringing a tripod, for low light conditions or times when you’ll need a longer exposure. Finally, depending on the type of photography that you’ll be doing, you may want to bring along an assortment of lenses, especially a wide angle, and telephoto lens.

3. Use the Right Shutter Speed


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