7 Common Exposure Problems And How To Fix Them

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All photographers are liable to take shots from time to time that don’t come out correctly exposed. When we’re first learning photography, there are a million and one ways to get the exposure wrong! But what happens when we’ve learned the techniques, but are still getting the odd shot incorrectly exposed?

Chances are that this will be down to one of a number of common problems that all photographers come across. This article looks at seven of the most common and how to fix them.

1. Changing the exposure mode

Exposure and Camera Mode

Let’s start with an easy problem that many of us will come across at some point! One of the simplest ways to accidentally get the wrong exposure is to have knocked the mode dial or aperture / shutter speed dials out of position. Changing the aperture or shutter speed is obviously going to have an effect on your exposure. But so will knocking the mode dial from manual to shutter speed priority (for example).

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