Tips And Tricks For Shooting In Daytime Lighting Conditions

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If you really want to eliminate shadows you can always make your own shade. Umbrellas are one way to help with this, especially for close-ups such as head shots. You could use a shoot through umbrella as they help create soft diffused lighting. Reflective umbrellas are another option; they tend to cast more of a glow. Alternatively, you could even try using a large piece of card if you don’t have an umbrella. Sometimes though you may need more coverage, in which case it might be easier to find an already shady place, like under the shadow of a building.

I love shooting in the sun, partly because sunny days are too special to pass up, and don’t forget one of the best things about sunlight: the bright blue sky makes for a great background. Just don’t do what I once did and stare directly into your viewfinder to look at the sun, no matter how tempting that is!

Shade and Overcast

Cloudy conditions come with a bonus: their very own soft box. With bright sun come shadows, however overcast skies disperse the sunlight, creating full lighting—much like a soft box would do. This makes it ideal weather for taking many different kinds of photographs. Nature shots are ideal in these conditions, as the bright overcast sky allows you to get clear shots of details with less glare and shadows.

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