Tips And Tricks For Shooting In Daytime Lighting Conditions

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Photography is basically writing with light; story telling in its purest most simplistic form. It is brushing aside all details except for the ones that you, the photographer let in. The right use of lighting can help you tell your story, and it can even make the difference between an everyday photo, and something more special.

Here are a few ideas to help you with different daytime lighting conditions. Those are tips to help you capture the light—or lack thereof!


Direct Sunlight

Shooting in direct sun is something that many experienced photographers try to avoid, and for good reason. Full sun often causes harsh glare and shadows. This makes it tricky to do certain types of photography, like portraiture. Having your subjects face into the sun provides the right lighting, but also causes squinting. One idea is to simply wait until other hours of the day, however there’s no reason you have to pack up and go home during direct sun.

If you’re creative, and want to take some bold and daring shots, this time of day is perfect for you. Some of the elements that make this time of day tricky can also be used to your advantage. Shadows for example, are unwanted in some photos, especially in most portraits, but in the right context they add contrast and depth.

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