9 Great Tips for Enhancing Your Photos Using Fill Flash

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Here are a few tips for using with a fill flash for portraiture.

  1. Keep It Subtle

    When in doubt, keep it subtle! The last thing you want is for your subjects to look unnatural due to excessive light. Don’t compete with the sun; instead, work with it to touch the subject with subtle light. Consider using a diffuser, or dialling the flash power down for a more natural result – and to prevent squinting subjects.

  2. Angle the Sun Behind the Subject

    Using a fill flash will allow you a chance to shoot your subject with the sun behind their back. This can result in great images that separate your subject from the background, helping them to stand out. It’ll also give them great backlighting on their hair – and maybe even some catch lights in their eyes.

  3. Use a Reflector

    A fill flash isn’t the only tool you’ll want to have on hand when capturing portraits; a silver reflector is an invaluable piece of kit that’s perfect for bouncing the light back onto the subject’s face, resulting in beautiful, even lighting and giving them a beautiful glow.

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