11 Great Tips For Taking Photos In Direct Sunlight

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If there are clouds overhead, you might want to wait until these clouds cover the sun a little bit more. You would have to shoot fast or hope that the clouds stay there for a very long time.

4. Use fill flash

Fill flash is very helpful when you have strong shadows on your subjects, or when your subject is underexposed. This usually happens when your camera thinks that there is enough light for the photograph and subsequently underexposes your subject, ultimately having them in silhouettes with a very bright background.

So what do you do?

The easiest way to overcome this is to shoot with flash. Using a fill flash will allow you to “fill in” the dark parts with light. Fill flash adds to the direct sunlight in your photo so that those darker shadows are lit up and the subjects do not come out as underexposed.

This is also helpful in eliminating shadows caused by your subjects’ nose or hat or sun visor, if he or she is wearing one.

5. Reflect the light

If you do not want to use fill flash or if that is not enough to sufficiently light up your subjects, you might need a reflector to do the same thing.

6. Use a filter

There are two filters that could help you tame direct sunlight. One is the neutral density filter, which reduces the amount of light getting into your camera, and the other is the polarizing filter, which does the same thing. A polarizing filter can also reduce reflections and help you have more control over the colors in your photograph.

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