Step up Your Landscape Photography Game with These 5 HDR Tips

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Whether it’s a mountain range, an alpine lake, an ocean or something else, landscapes are high on the list of target subjects for just about anyone with a camera. Plus, we all generally feel a sense of peace and calm when we are in Nature. It rejuvenates us.

Aurora HDR 2017

But photographing these amazing scenes can be tricky. Often a single exposure won’t capture the entire range of light in a landscape scene, and your photo may look a little flat. By shooting brackets and then using HDR techniques to create your photo, you have the opportunity to bring that scene to life. While HDR photos can be edgy and intense, you can also create serene, beautiful HDR photos by using the technique in a subtle way.

All of these are HDR photos which were built and edited in Aurora HDR 2017 by Macphun, which is the most powerful HDR software available. If you aren’t familiar with Aurora or HDR photography, you can find a wealth of information, training videos and tutorials on the Macphun website.

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