6 Landscape Photography Composition Tips to Help You Seize the Scene

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Shooting landscapes is a fantastic way to practice your composition skills: the stillness and scale of your subject lets you focus your creativity on framing a shot that captures all the elements in a pleasing visual arrangement. In our second landscapes article (read the first here), Loretta Grande gives us her best landscape photography composition tips.

1. Use the rule of thirds

Photographers of all stripes use the rule of thirds to guide their compositions. The rule basically trashes the idea of framing your subject dead center. If you imagine dividing your image into thirds, vertically and horizontally, the most appealing images have focal points where two of these lines intersect. That’s why many DSLR cameras show the grid in the viewfinder. When composing landscape shots, one of my first considerations is where the horizon line is. If the most interesting part of the shot is the land, I’ll compose my shot so that two thirds of the shot is land, and one third is sky. For shots in which the most dramatic part of the shot is the sky, then I want two thirds sky and one third land. If you missed your chance taking the picture, PicMonkey’s crop tool will guide you.

2. Use a tree or plants to frame the scene

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