Tips for Taking Landscape Photos that Sell

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Landscape photos are some of the most common images you will see in galleries and other places that sell images. Even the wall art section of your local department store will have a large number of landscape photos. They are innately appealing, but why? What are the reasons these images tend to do well and how can we take our own landscape photos to sell? Let’s have a look at some important tricks of the trade.

Try to Nail the Composition Elements

We really need to nail composition if we’re going to try and sell our images. And two of the best ways to do so are to spend time looking at leading lines and the Golden Ratio.Leading lines are elements of a scene that draw the eye in a particular path. Often an image employs leading lines without the photographer even realizing s/he’s using them. These lines are what makes images of train tracks and roads vanishing into the horizon so appealing.

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