How to Create Amazing Abstract Nature Photos

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Abstract photography can be hard to grasp. Before we get into the technique it might be useful if we define what an abstract image actually is. Abstract photography, as defined by Wikipedia, “is a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world.”

When we look at the photo we’re given an image that may not immediately click as “tree,” “mountain,” or “person.” And even if it does, it may be such an unconventional view that it’s intriguing nonetheless.  Abstract images can be as simple as splashing water or complex as an aerial view of a floodplain.

Move Beyond the Subject

How to Create Amazing Abstract Nature Photos

What if the subject of the photo isn’t the subject? Hear me out on this one. Great abstract images aren’t always about what’s in the photo. Take this photo of water during the sunset Golden Hour. It’s not really a photo of water. It’s a photo of the complex patterns made by the waves and light. This is how you want to be thinking when you try for abstract photos.

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