8 Ways To Capture Serenity With Your iPhone Photos

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Just looking at certain kinds of photos can make us feel calm and serene. But is there a formula for capturing serenity? What colors, effects and image choices can we use as iPhone photographers to create a peaceful, serene image? In this tutorial you’ll discover specific elements that will help you evoke wonderful serenity in your iPhone photos.

serenity01Serene images are simple, soft and balanced. A photo appears serene when it depicts an uncluttered scene and conveys a natural sense of harmony and balance to the viewer.

These eight techniques will help you create images that are calm, peaceful, and serene. Photos like these are guaranteed to evoke a sense of tranquility – something we can all use in our busy lives.


1. Photograph Nature & Landscapes

Natural elements such as flowers, trees and sunsets are soothing to most people. Many of us travel to lakes, oceans and rivers just to experience the tranquility of an afternoon on the water. Any of these locations make great subjects if you want to capture serenity.

To set the scene for a serene nature photo, choose a day when the light is soft, diffused and calm. Next, select a location that includes just a few elements. A simple, uncluttered composition can help tell the story and give a sense of place in your nature and landscape photography.


The photo above was taken on a day when clouds diffused the sun’s light. The simple composition features the calm waters of the lake and the mellow colors of the sky. The young couple gazing into the distance helps to create a sense of place and convey the peacefulness of the location.

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