10 Tips For Stunning iPhone Flower Photography

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Flowers are one of the most popular photography subjects. Their stunning colors, intricate detail and amazing variety mean you’ll never get bored of photographing these natural wonders. But without the right light and composition it’s difficult to show the true beauty of your subject. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten great tips for improving your iPhone flower photography by getting more creative with shooting and editing.

1. Shoot In Soft Light

The type of light you shoot in can have a big impact on your flower photos. Typically we like to go outdoors in sunny weather, but this isn’t normally a good kind of light for taking pictures of flowers. Bright sunlight can create harsh shadows on your subject, and may cause the brighter areas of the petals to appear over-exposed.

The photo above was taken in bright afternoon sun, and you can see that the picture is full of hard shadows on various parts of the petals. This is distracting and takes away from the natural beauty and softness of the subject.

Now compare this to the photo below which was taken when the sun went behind a cloud. The lighting is much softer and more even throughout the photo.

It’s often much better to take flower photos when the sky is slightly overcast. The clouds act as a natural diffuser, softening the light that hits your subject. The golden hours around sunrise and sunset, when the sun is lower in the sky, are also great for this kind of photography.

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